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Life of a Firefly!

Until 5 years ago, I have not see much of the fireflies. I have not seen much thereafter as well. It was a short period where I had seen 1000s of them moving slowly, rhythmically at IIT Madras. It felt like a magical world. Those shiny little creatures with 'fire' in their belly. Oh boy! They were a joy to behold. 
It got me into reading more about them. 

> A firefly, also known as lightning bug, has a short life during which time its only aim is to mate and procreate. The average lifespan of fireflies is around 2 months. On the other hand, firefly larva live for about one year, before it turns into an adult and mates. 

>Fireflies talk to each other with light
They mainly use their flashing light to attract males, but the light is also a means of communication. Usually, it is the males that fly flashing their light, while the females sit in trees, grasses and shrubs waiting. If the female finds a male she likes, she starts flashing her light to attract him. Each species has …

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